• Dr Rachel M Allan

Three Top Tips for Effective Goal-Setting

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

A new week, a new month, and the beginning of the final quarter of the year. What could be a better time to think about goals?

What would you like to achieve this week? This month? Or by the end of 2018? Here are my three top tips for setting goals that work for you and take you closer to the life you want for yourself:

1. Get clear on what you actually want. Make sure your goals reflect your genuine wishes and values, and fit what matters to you personally. What is most important to you in life? How do your goals reflect your values?

2. Identify your obstacles. What is standing between you and your goals? Break obstacles and challenges down into chunks. Often, it is our own thoughts or old patterns of behaviour that pose the biggest challenge to achieving our goals. Make a plan for tackling what is getting in the way.

3. Get radical! Do your goals excite you? Are your goals drawn from a place of inspiration (or a place of fear)? How could you extend the parameters of your goals, and remove limits? Set your goal one step 'further' than feels achievable ... And remember, goals can relate to qualities as well as actions. Maybe extending kindness, self-compassion, quality of life, or improving relationships through listening is where you want to challenge yourself.

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